In todays consistently evolving technological industry, the art of sound and video has shifted towards extraordinary horizons. Scott Stanley aims to grab hold of these opportunities, expressing his passionate visions for live-visual designs and downtempo music. With a strong focus on innovation, he bends photons and sound waves to create beautiful stages, surreal attractions, and mind-tingling bass that no one has ever experienced before. The intricacy of his LED macrocosms are phenomenally profound, accompanied by the auditory delights of psychedelic sound oozing through a collection of personalized MIDI controllers and animated illuminations. With over fifty festivals and events under his creative belt, Scott has a true passion for crafting encompassing, digital dimensions that invite and delight curious adventurers to dive into his magical reality. Prepare yourself to be intrigued and amazed, for the colorful wonders of Scott’s creations are nothing short from jaw-dropping.

Currently employed full time with Inside Image Design, LLC.

Scott Stanley

Audio - DJ Performance

I specialize in psychedelic music and find a constant need to explore various brain tickling endeavors. I tend to play mid-tempo groovy bass stuff, but have also been known to throw down various house, progressive, and downtempo tracks.

Video - VJ / Interactive

It began with video. Starting with a surburban full of A/V equipment back in the early 2000s, I now utilize Resolume Arena and Touch Designer to present high quality content on a variety of surfaces.

Lighting - Photonic Emmisions

Complimenting live performance with proper lighting has always been a challenge. Sound reactive and intuitively designed interfaces have yielded excellent results using an array of different intelligent lights and laser systems. My favorite tools are LightJams, M-PC, and Pangolin BEYOND.

Social Media

Please find me on social media -- Youtube has the highest quality recordings. Facebook is the most up to date on performance dates and times.


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